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NRG Ag Services & Supply

A legacy of innovation

NRG history spans all the way back to the early 1900s, when it started out as a grain elevator. The company evolved over time and expanded, and by 1987 the grain elevator became a warehouse for National Starch.

Butch Nichols bought NRG a decade later and continued expanding services and products to better serve agricultural customers in the area, including the addition of the feed store in 2000. In 2008, Butch brought a Maximum Farming Systems expert on-board, and the agronomy services side of the business began to grow.

Today, NRG Ag Services & Supply remains on the cutting edge of agriculture. From seed sales to soil testing — we are always watching science for the best products and services available to bring to our customers. We work side-by-side with local farmers, applying the technology to fields right here at home.

NRG Ag Services & Supply is always looking in new directions. To serve you. To serve the community. To serve the industry.

The logo: Born in a field

Butch and his dad were finishing up in a bean field one evening in the late 1990s, when Butch still farmed on the side. The sun set behind them as they looked at their successful day’s work and began talking over Butch’s plan to buy New Ross Grain.

Butch’s father pulled off his New Ross Grain hat and wiped off some dirt. “Wouldn’t mind getting a new hat,” he told Butch. Butch asked what type of hat his father wanted. Something different than just words, his dad told him.

Then his dad squatted down and drew a few strokes within the dirt. When he stepped aside, Butch looked at the shape of the NRG logo we know today. “Something like this would do fine.” Butch smiled and nodded. It would do just fine, Butch thought.

Although the logo and company name evolved from New Ross Grain to NRG Ag Services & Supply in 2015, Butch has kept the same logo shape his dad drew that day in the dirt ever since — proud of its past and excited for its future.