Specialty Mixes

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Whether your goal is a more productive garden, soil conservation, to improve the health and environmental conditions of backyard poultry, or to strengthen and enrich deer populations, cover crops are the best way to achieve results.

NRG Ag Services & Supply is pleased to offer many specialty and custom mixes to fit your individual needs.

Specialty Cover Crop Mixes:

  • Clucker Clover
  • Green Thumb
  • Gro-A-Doe
  • Buckshot
  • Midwest Pollinator

*Custom mixing is also available if you have a mix of your own that you would like to have created.

Learn more by talking to a cover crop expert at NRG or by viewing our online brochure below (also available as a PDF download).

Green Thumb Garden Mix

Looking for ways to improve your garden? Try planting cover crops, which provide numerous benefits:

  • improved water filtration
  • reduced weeds
  • nutrient scavenging
  • enhanced organic matter in soil
  • improved soil tilth
  • moisture conservation
  • erosion prevention

Clucker Cover

Improve your chickens’ environment and health with Clucker Clover, a cover crop mix developed specifically for backyard poultry. The benefits are unlimited when planting cover crops for chickens. Clucker Clover is great for chicken runs and gardens!

  • attracts beneficial insects
  • source of Omega-3s
  • nutrient-rich foliage
  • enriches the soil
  • reduces erosion
  • nitrogen source

Spring Mix

This quick-establishing forage seed is a must for the avid hunter or wildlife enthusiast. After a long winter, deer need an early spring protein source to build body weight and aid in gestation. This plot mix will outperform native forages with its high protein and digestibility. If you want to help deer populations flourish and grow bigger bucks, look no further than Gro-A-Doe.

Fall Mix

Made up of quality forage seed, this fall mix is sure to attract deer. Buckshot is a high-protein mix made up of cereal grains, brassicas, and clover. Protein is a must for antler development and body weight. This mix will stay green all winter long, giving the deer nutrients when all the native forage has died. Don’t miss out on those trophy bucks — bring them to your plot with Buckshot.