Grass Seed

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Want that patch of dirt to go green this spring? NRG stocks a variety of seeds for various lawn types. If you don’t see a seed you want, just ask. We have access to any variety you need.

Explore our premium mixes.

Current grass seed in stock:

Executive Sun Mix 3-6 lb/1000 sq. ft. 60% Ryegrass
40% Kentucky Bluegrass
Beautiful, dark, lush lawn
Fairway 4 Blend 4-7 lb/1000 sq. ft. 100% Ryegrass Fast establishing, lush, dark lawn
Premium Shade Mix 3-6 lb/1000 sq. ft. 60% Fescue
20% Ryegrass
20% Kentucky Bluegrass
Perfect for shaded lawns
Showplace Mix 3-4 lb/1000 sq. ft. 80% Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Ryegrass
Beautiful, dark, lush lawn